Sleep and wake with meditations
Beditations is one of the leading meditation apps on the App Store and Play Store. Its ever-growing content base, and unique focus on meditations for sleeping and waking up are some of the reasons for its success.
August 2017 – Present
Scranton, PA United States
iOS, Android
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Highly Meditated reached out to us to rebuild their iOS and Android apps entirely from scratch. They had great ideas, but needed a team to help them get through to the finish line.

Our first big milestone was the successful launch of the new iOS version. Afterwards we worked on the Android release.

Since then we have worked together non-stop on improving the app based on communication and insights from the lively Beditations community.

As one of the top meditation apps on both iOS and Android, Beditations is an app with a difference — a focus on sleep and wake meditations.

Beditations has been featured on the App Store and its user base has continuously grown since launch.

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“Hattrick's team showed great interest in the project, delivering a solid application that works seamlessly and is up to design standards. Their attention to detail, communication, and capacity for tackling issues without compromising deadlines makes them a great long-term partner.”
Eric Toffey – CEO, Highly Meditated LLC


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